• Scott is a collaborator first, developer second. In a very short amount of time he was able to build a complex data driven UI. It was his attention to detail and ability to collaborate with our product team to find the best solutions for undiscovered edge cases, for features that were difficult to build, and ultimately a shared focus of making a beautiful UI that functioned flawlessly.
    Kris PerpichHead of Product @ Motiv
  • I had the pleasure of working closely with Scott on several demanding mobile application projects at Zuuka Inc. Scott’s expertise was instrumental to the successful multi-platform development of these projects. His deep understanding of multiple frameworks allowed for streamlined timelines and resource allocation, as well as reduced budgets for complex products. Scott also implemented systems to improve efficiency in the production and development processes. I highly recommend Scott for your mobile development project.
    Patrick StevensSenior Producer/Product Manager @ Zuuka
  • I highly recommend Scott and would love to work with him again. He consistently under promises and over delivers and builds things to work right the first time. On numerous occasions he took the time to build something the right way instead of making a quick fix. It saved us when budgets and timelines were critically tight. In addition to that, Scott understands and values user experience. He works with designers to develop something that doesn’t just work, but works great for the user. Even though he worked remotely, his communication was great and we hashed out issues constantly to the point that it felt like he was just in the next room.
    Mike GadowDesign Director @ MX